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WIKA A-10 Pressure Transmitter - 0 - 15 PSI - 1/4" NPT - 0 - 10v 3 Wire - 50426770
WIKA Pressure Transmitter

WIKA A-10 Pressure Transmitter - 0 - 15 PSI - 1/4" NPT - 0 - 10v 3 Wire - 50426770

Part Number:50426770
WIKA Gauges
General Purpose Pressure Transmitter
Type A-10 / 0 - 15 psi

WIKA A-10 pressure transmitters are precision engineered for enhanced performance and reliability. The A-10 is manufactured from as few as six subcomponents in nine production steps on an automated production line. Fewer manufacturing steps and automation virtually eliminates the possibility of production errors.
The rugged design provides excellent resistance to shock,vibration, temperature variations, RFI and other extreme environmental conditions typically found in industrial applications. The A-10 has worldwide WIKA support, includes internationally recognized approvals and is RoHS compliant.


WIKA Gauges ASIC techology for performance and accuracy

WIKA Gauges Compact design

WIKA Gauges RoHS compliant

WIKA Gauges Test data included with each transmitter

WIKA Gauges Reliability enhanced by fully automated assembly and testing

WIKA Gauges Case and process connection machined from a single piece of stainless steel without welds
WIKA Gauges 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal or 0-10 V 3 wire available  
WIKA Gauges
WIKA Gauges