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WIKA LS10 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter - 0 - 30 PSI - 5 ft cable
WIKA LS10 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

WIKA LS10 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter - 0 - 30 PSI - 5 ft cable

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WIKA Gauges
Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter
Type LS-10 / 0 - 30 psi
5 Ft Cable Included 
Other Lengths Available From 10 - 300 Feet
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The LS-10 liquid level transmitter is designed for economical and reliable performance in a wide variety of level measurement applications. The LS-10 provides a signal output of 4-20mA and an accuracy of 0.25%of span. Standard stocked pressure ranges are assembled with any length cable for fast delivery.
Compensation for atmospheric pressure changes is accomplished through a vent tube in the cable. Many accessories, including cable clamps, desiccant drying cartridges, additional weights, and junction boxes are available for specific installation requirements. The LS-10 can be equipped with the LevelGuard attachment for protection in difficult environments.

WIKA Gauges Ranges from 100 in. wc to 100 psi
WIKA Gauges Rated IP68 For Permanent Submersion
WIKA Gauges Hastelloy Case Available For Aggressive Media

WIKA Gauges 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal 
WIKA Gauges Lightning Protection Available
WIKA Gauges Cable Supports 220 Pounds Of Strain 
WIKA Gauges
WIKA Gauges