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Special Purpose Pressure Transmitters

WIKA Pressure Transmitter
Special Purpose Universal Pressure Transmitters
Type UT-10, UT-11
WIKA Gauges Turn Down - With its maximum 1 : 20 Turn Down ratio the UniTrans® can be   
   used in many different applications. This turndown ratio eliminates the
   necessity of keeping several transmitters in stock; it is much easier to turn
   down the transmitter instead of changing transmitters (e.g. a 100 bar
   transmitter can be turned down to 5 bar).
WIKA Gauges High measuring accuracy - The internal, digital signal processing allows for
   high measuring accuracy at fast measuring rates and pressure ranges from
   5 mbar to 4,000 bar.
WIKA Gauges Multifunction display- The optional display can be adjusted mechanically
   and electronically, thus guaranteeing many display variations and an
   optimal reading from different directions. Bar graph and trend are  
   permanently displayed. Only a minor modification of the case is required in
   order to be able to read the display
from above. All standard units can be
   displayed. Two further lines are available for entering additional text (e.g.
   min./max. values or temperature at the sensor).
WIKA Gauges Configuration - With the easy-to-use menu, the user can set parameters
   such as language, unit, zero point, span or inverted signal. The UniTrans
   can be used for linearization with up to 32 set points.
WIKA Gauges Signal - The UniTrans® is fed with an input power of DC 12 ... 36 V. The
   output signal is 4 ... 20 mA, 2-wire system.The user can program an inverted
   signal 20 ... 4 mA or damping (up to 40 seconds).

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