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Intrinsically Safe Submersible Liquid Level Transmitters IL-10


WIKA Mobile Hydraulic Pressure Transmitters
Intrinsically Safe Submersible Liquid Level
Transmitter for Hazardous Environments

Type IL-10

The IL-10 intrinsically safe level transmitter is designed for use in a wide variety of level measurement applications. The IL-10 provides a BFSL accuracy better than 0.25% of span and an output signal of 4-20mA.

The IL-10 has FM, ATEX and CSA approvals for installation in hazardous areas when used with the appropriate intrinsically safe zener barrier. The cable can withstand up to 220 pounds of strain, also, no additional cable support is required.

The IL-10 includes a dual cable entry design that prevents ingress of moisture into the electronics even if the cable‘s outer jacket is damaged. Compensation for changes in barometric pressure is accomplished through a vent tube in the cable. Many accessories, including cable clamps, drying cartridges and junction boxes are available for specific installation requirements.

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